Widdermacker has been retired! Don’t fret. We’ll still bear the Widdermacker name in spirit but compete as WidderMonsters!

Descending from Team 327 of the 2011 GiSHWHES hunt, Widdermacker was a consistent and persistent runner up until 2015. WE WON! And a few months later, we all met (many for the first time ever) in beautiful Costa Rica.

After the big win of 2015, Widdermacker was placed in the required one-year waiting period before aiming for a second victory. Still jet lagged by our tropical vacation with the GiSHWHES team (and some guy named Misha), Widdermacker took a lighter approach to the 2016 hunt. Half of our team retired as Widders – some moving on to other teams, others leaving the GiSH life for greener pastures.

Half of a new team calls for half of a new name! And thus, the remaining Widdermackers became Widdermonsters. While we GiSH under a new name, the Widdermacker name remain a part of us through Bob’s legacy, as our namesake and benefactor.

Be sure to check out the galleries to see the glorious images and videos of all our previous years, complete with bonus outtakes from all six years!