Welcome to the Bob Blog

Greetings! I’m Bob Widdermacker. You may know me from such hit films as ‘The Thing Beneath the Leaf Pile’ & ‘I am Jack’s Carnival of Horror.’ You may have also seen my cameo in ‘The Avengers.’ But many people know me as a man of international renown & a connoisseur of priceless paranormal artifacts. So, you might be thinking, ‘Bob, what on EARTH are you doing writing an endorsement for some piddly little scavenger hunting team? Surely, you would rather be on your yacht in the Bermuda Triangle, hunting for the Kraken?’ But that is where you are wrong. Team WidderMonster is not some piddly little ‘scavenger hunt team,’ oh no! Not at all. They are a force of nature; they are the tentacles of the WidderKraken. They are, simply put, a group so WidderFantastic, I couldn’t help but get involved. Over the years, they have continued to impress and humble me with their WidderSpirit. 

Ride, WidderMonsters. Kick it in the ass. 

          Yours always,

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