We are the WidderMonsters, an emerging scion of the Secret Order of Widdermacker.


In the past year, around the globe, many have heard rumblings…. whispered tales of fearsome monsters, each more wondrous than the last. The stories, while seemingly implausible, have been persistent.  Though no solid evidence exists, the constant trickle of midnight sightings, third hand stories told around campfires, and blurry photos taken by adventurers has caused these new creatures to join Bigfoot and Nessie in a category of legends that no one can either prove or disprove.

Legend has it that there is one man who knows the truth behind these stories, one man who, despite the odds, knows each and every creature mentioned in these wondrous sightings, one man who loves and protects them all.  According to this legend, the man is Bob Widdermacker.  It is said that a small group of Widders, excited by their win and motivated by dreams of future glory, unconventional fashion, and limitless tea, departed on a variety of quests designed to build them into even stronger scavenger hunters, knowing that the competition would become ever more skilled with each passing year.

Their quests, according to the legend, led them to a mysterious location, a cavern full of magic and mystery, a place Bob himself had founded, and while they explored this new place, reading the mysterious runes on the walls, they discovered something that changed them forever.  A choice was made by each Widder, and as they chose, they were transformed into the physical representations of their Widderspirit animals. Forever after shapeshifters, the mysterious monsters of tales.  Under the wing of Bob Widdermacker in that magical place they became… Widdermonsters.